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A Collaboration of Words & Art

We bring you our current and past works in all forms/mediums.  Please feel free to make inquiries and follow via Social Media links below.  Thank you for observing our efforts.


Recently dubbed the "strongest" Tribe on Erutan, they are known for their trap making and overall patience.  Silently stalking their prey  and waiting for the best time to take them down.  Their territories are usually overrun with wild spiders from Erutan that have naturally inhabited the surrounding areas.  The Tribe stays forever vigilant and ready to fight any forthcoming threats while continuing to train for future Apex Battles that they continue to dominate.


A very important Tribe on Erutan, but currently facing some very harsh realities.  The Snake have lost too many Apex Battles recently and are losing the ability to progress genetically.  They continue to push forward and train with astute focus in order to turn things back around.  Abilities include extreme vision properties as well as chemical and poison immunity.  They are also known to be exceptionally emotional beings, which has been seen as a weakness and used against them.


This Tribe can be found near bodies of water such as lakes, swamps and rivers.  The water is where they are natural and feel the safest.  They are adorned with various appendages that have electrical shocking capabilities as well as breathing and water filtration tools.  Salamander members are the tallest and sleekest members on Erutan and have also produced the most beautiful females of any other Tribe.  This ability has made them master manipulators as their beauty is almost completely irresistable.


Known as the "battle tanks" of Erutan, Insecta members are heavily armored and can take massive amounts of damage before admitting defeat.  Their territory is largely unknown since most of it spans vast tunnel systems and caves.  They are extremely competitive beings however, and most are aware of their aggressive behavior.  The males are typically shorter and bulkier which makes them slower than other tribes, but no less deadly.  There have also been rumors of appendages which give them the ability of flight - this has yet to be seen on Erutan.


A deadly rogue tribe comprised of stolen and hacked genetic codes.  The Clone Thieves traverse Erutan through and expertly built tunnel system that no other Tribes dare to get close to.  Their main goal is to stop the eugenic cycle on Erutan by seeking time manipulation devices and eradicating what started the process in the first place.  Their appendages and abilities cover aspects of all other Tribes since they are built and evolved from stolen information.  This makes them very diverse and absolute brutal force that should never be encountered

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