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A Collaboration of Words & Art

We bring you our current and past works in all forms/mediums.  Please feel free to make inquiries and follow via Social Media links below.  Thank you for observing our efforts.




Josh Liccardi

Shawn Tetreault

Josh Liccardi (Author)
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Shawn Tetreault (Artist)
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Standing Room Only (Book)

One man's journey through the sick and twisted world of heroin addiction. Listen to his every thought as he tries to reexamine life, or what it has become. See each struggle unfold as things get more and more complicated. Learn how to curve the pain, and ultimately how to simply just give up.



A collection of Shawn's works in a multitude of mediums.  The visions themselves are limitless which is clearly displayed in each unique piece.  Feel free to inquire about commissions or purchase prints while enjoying the visual journey.  Open your mind....and soul.... 

Spacetotem Artworks

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